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Just an American girl, living in a Canadian world.

I love communities.

I’ve realized there’s a new one I’ve become a part of unintentionally.

Expats. Or if you’re on twitter, #expat.

ex·pa·tri·ate — n
a person who lives in a foreign country

To be honest, I’ve always known I’d move to another country. And I did.

Those who knew me in high school or even college would’ve predicted somewhere in Africa rather than Canada, but who really knows the future?

The thing about relocating to a country so similar to my homeland, is that I notice the detailed differences.

  • Canadian flags where I’m used to seeing stars and stripes.
  • Paying for gas by the liter, or should I say litre?
  • An affinity for the letter “u” in words like colour, labour + favourite.

Oh and don’t forget the metric system.

I wish there was a 50kph on my speedometer. Also, celsius?! It’s a really good thing I was enlightened with a Guide to Converting to Metric.

Thanks to Kellen and Jared, I’ve also discovered that what I know as Smarties are actually Rockets and what Canadians know as Smarties are overly sweet M&Ms.

So Canada, I’ve been here for nearly a month now. Lets get this party started.

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