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I actually think data is overrated, you need insights. And then you still need to tell a story.
—Jonathan Perelman (@JPerelman)

The next white space will be silence. Brands that understand when you want and need to be left alone.
Matthew Knell (@MatthewKnell)

Super awesome happy hour at #aolddbsmw with #cmgr friends @mmurphydc + @trishofthetrade! #smwnyc (at AOL/Huffington Post Media Group HQ)

The end of my #smwnyc sessions. “You said you ‘like’ me but we never do anything together.” #aolddbsmw (at AOL/Huffington Post Media Group HQ)

We have to be careful with who we think the “influencers” are, it may not be who is actually influencing.
—Jonathan Perelman (@JPerelman)

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