Archive - November 10, 2013

How did we get here?

Lenny: “Skitch”, how did we get here?
Guy: I led you here, sir, for I am Spartacus.
That Thing You Do

Almost every day I’m overwhelmed by the amazingness level of my inner circle. It blows my mind how I ended up in the presence of such smart, talented and motivated friends. People who want more than anything to make an impact and to do their best.

i’ve talked with a few of these confidants lately about my chronic case of Impostor Syndrome and discovered that I’m not alone. I spent a solid two years focused on building a healthy self-image. As a result I generally tell those close to me that I know I’m awesome, but I don’t believe that I’m better than anyone else.

I honestly do believe this, but when it comes to the people and the opportunities in my life, I feel like I skipped a few steps. My best hypothesis as to why I have such a struggle accepting that this is my life is because we can’t see the details of someone else’s path.

It’s totally possible that Person X skipped the same steps that I did even though they are perceived as the world to have great success, but I’ll never know unless they tell me their story.

Letting go of Impostor Syndrome is really hard, but for me it’s not that I don’t believe I belong here as much as I can’t fathom how I got here.

The more expertise you acquire, the more you feel like you have to learn.
Katy Waldman, Slate

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