Archive - October 23, 2012

A local food inspired lunch paired with Ontario VQA wines at Good Earth, courtesy of Wine Country Ontario.

Our tour from Ed Madronich at Flat Rock Cellars, courtesy of Wine Country Ontario.

Just an American girl, living in a Canadian world.

I love communities.

I’ve realized there’s a new one I’ve become a part of unintentionally.

Expats. Or if you’re on twitter, #expat.

ex·pa·tri·ate — n
a person who lives in a foreign country

To be honest, I’ve always known I’d move to another country. And I did.

Those who knew me in high school or even college would’ve predicted somewhere in Africa rather than Canada, but who really knows the future?

The thing about relocating to a country so similar to my homeland, is that I notice the detailed differences.

  • Canadian flags where I’m used to seeing stars and stripes.
  • Paying for gas by the liter, or should I say litre?
  • An affinity for the letter “u” in words like colour, labour + favourite.

Oh and don’t forget the metric system.

I wish there was a 50kph on my speedometer. Also, celsius?! It’s a really good thing I was enlightened with a Guide to Converting to Metric.

Thanks to Kellen and Jared, I’ve also discovered that what I know as Smarties are actually Rockets and what Canadians know as Smarties are overly sweet M&Ms.

So Canada, I’ve been here for nearly a month now. Lets get this party started.

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