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The day you realize you’re ruinously bad at one thing can also be the day you finally chuck your practical concerns and pursue what you were born to do.

Tiffany Meyers

Humanity was never built for independence, but rather, for interdependence. We begin to realize our highest potential only when we take the risk to believe in one another, become transparent, and celebrate the right people in our lives.

Robb D. Thompson

Random Thoughts

I think I like milk too much. In fact most anyone that knows me will confirm this.

This week has been absolutely crazy. I’m not even sure how it’s almost Thursday to be totally honest with you. Things broke. I fixed them. More things broke. I fixed them, too. Basically I spent the whole week (all three days of it) saving the world.

I’m pretty cool like that.

The next three days I’ll be held hostage in a local arena—I’m honestly not sure if that will speed things up or slow things down. I’ll get a lot of reading in, though, which rocks my world.

What are you currently reading?

I like discussion.


One courageous choice may be the only thing between you and your dream becoming reality.

Mark Batterson

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